My Must Have Chrome Extensions

- Simple Calendar: nice calendar with some interesting options, like showing the current time. Great when you use Chrome with Win7 feature "auto-hide taskbar";
- Quick Notes: take notes while working with different webapps without having to open wordpad or another doc page;
- Picknick: edit your photos quickly and with efficiency, screen captures included;
- DayHiker: get your calendar events warnings without having to open Calendar;
- Instant Goo.gl Url shortener: this is easy. :P Let's you automatically copy shortened urls to Twitter, etc;
- Google Dictionary: underline the words you don't know and get their meanings;
- DicionĂ¡rio PT: ease to use portuguese dictionary;
- View Thru: check hidden urls to find out if they are harmful;
- Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer: self explanatory. :P

These are some of the most interesting and productivity driven extensions that I found.

Any suggestions?
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