Late Sunday Reading

Some really nice gems from around the web. 

Drowned in a Stream of Prescriptionspsychopathologizing the human being. 

When did life itself become a treatable mental disorder? Idem

Where The World Lives, By Latitude [Infographic]

I still love Kierkegaard: He is the dramatic thunderstorm at the heart of philosophy and his provocation is more valuable than ever

Portugal é um dos melhores países do mundo para se ser mãe (in Portuguese): Portugal is one of the best countries to be a mother. Yes, ahead of Canada, the US and others. The report is here.

Change is good by Thomas Hawk, a well known photographer. An analysis about the intersection between the social narratives and technology. I don't agree completely but there are some really good points here. 

On the road: Leaving LA? Forget the scenic route along the coast: hit the Five instead and see what’s on California’s mind