Thinking about immigration? Be sincere.

Most of the times you think about going abroad because there you will have better x, y and z. Better jobs, better pay, better prospects, better life. The range of dreams and ingenuities that you pack in such a big transition are often beyond reasonable explanation. The question is, can it be any different?

You need change, we need change. Why can’t you simply state, I just want to know what is like to live outside the bird nest?

Well, because most of the times people won’t accept that, you can't accept that. They/you need valid explanations, according to their/your standards, for such a decision. Saying that I want to experience what it is like to immerse in a different culture and challenge myself to meet this greater challenge is seen by many as a sign of immaturity. The question, does it count? Is it important? Maybe not or maybe such opinions will keep frightening you and stopping you from living your dreams.

I had the luck to have the full support of my family. Without it, I confess, I couldn't probably make it. Weird? No, just sincere.

So, we get to my first tip for someone considering moving abroad: be sincere. With yourself. Plans may fail, expectations may not be met, but you were sincere. That counts. That is important. Very important.
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