The unimaginative relation of an I and a Me

We are eminently set up to relate. Naturally equipped with the relational tools to engage with different people and different selves in our inner audience. Automagically predisposed to build bridges of mutual agreed meaning. But something is utterly overwhelming in how we relate with ourselves: I is vague and Me is deeply unimaginative. This leads to violent spin in our axis of diversified personal positions. Our different Me's battle with our different views of an I that lives in complete solitude.

When you think of yourself you realize that not only you think of yourself but also about all the mixture of different views and meanings of I's and Me's. This eventually creates a spectrum of unintelligible movements towards personal meaning. I is not an I when the Me's are chosen to replace an I. This means that the views of oneself, either by our distinctive personal perspective or by other's perceptions of oneself, are glued in our consideration of personal intelligibility. Full of different and concurrently perspectives of being, one tend to fall in pieces, having no ability to clean what belongs to the I and what doesn't. This is particularly acute with people that have a tremendous difficulty reading the entire scope of their feelings. The complete confusion of space, time and self leads to an undisputed battle ring. One decision comes out as a superlative form of adaptation to chaos, leaving all the polyphony with a lowered volume and significance.

We struggle to make sense of our lives; we battle to make our decisions meaningful; we strive to persist. But we don't fully understand what the I includes and what relations it has. We don't fully understand the origins or justifications of your personal movements of meaning construction because we are constantly redefining our coordinates.

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