What Finland and the rest of the world needs to know about Portugal

Let me play the devil's advocate, this is all great but it takes more than a successful history to succeed in the future. If Portugal wants to succeed it has to change the world's perception about the country and its people and that implicates changing must of the barriers that are now widely rooted in Portuguese Society.

It's great to have a brilliant past but greater would be to conquer the future. Now. The truth is that Portugal is in great decline, not only economical but mostly societal. The Portuguese are mostly uneducated, poor, frightened of taking risks and illusion driven.

Portugal was great but we aren't now. Can you be great again? Of course! Will we be great again? No one knows!

We, Portuguese, need really to change and for that to happen society needs to walk a different trail. We need real change. Not rhetorical.

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