iPad Study and Academic Experience Enhancement

I have serious doubts that the iPad (and other computer devices) can be used as a fundamental instrument to promote better learning of children and young adults but I think that fully integration with learning contents can reduce the negative aspects that technology can have when disengaged from the learning process.

For those who live in Portugal and remember the introduction of computers in schools, we know that they ended up by creating no stimulus for children learning processes because not enough attention was given to content integration. Instead, they were "thrown" to schools by politicians whose main goal was to rise high the flag of education without considering scientific research on the subject.

Some remarks:

Consensus is the integration of the iPad can enhance a student’s academic experience and have a positive impact for faculty as well. We used the iPad in every aspect of our course. The most important consideration is the device must be truly integrated. Simply distributing the device without evaluation of how the course might be modified for its use limits the impact.

The description of results made by the authors seem very fragile but I don't know the specifics of the program or its implementation.

The iPad pilot program in Oklahoma State University

From here.
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