A Google Phone Not Based on Android?

Anton Wahlman has the answer, i.e., Google will deliver in 2012 a Chrome OS optimized version for smartphones.

Feasible? Likely? Necessary? Wise? With Android ruling smartphones, would it be wise for its own creator to battle it? Where would Chrome OS for smartphones fit in? How would it emerge "against" Android? How would Google preserve Android and Chrome OS as competitors?

Well, Google's first goal is to have as many people as possible surfing the web, living the web. Only that goal will allow them to maximize their profits, by extending their audience for their clients' adds. They are still an advertising company and I don't see it changing in a foreseeable future. And I'm not sure if they want to control the entire process (software, hardware, selling, etc).

Interesting article but I'm still waiting for my Chromebook, Google. :)
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