Google News as of May 9

Google I/O: countdown to the keynote kickoff

In less than 24 hours, we’ll be kicking off Google I/O 2011, our annual developer conference here in San Francisco.

...for the first time in Google I/O history, you’ll be able to join us throughout the two days at I/O Live.

Recorded videos from all sessions across eight product tracks will be available within 24 hours after the conference. Whether you’ll be joining us in San Francisco or from the farthest corner of the world, bookmark www.google.com/io and check back on May 10 at 9:00 a.m. PDT for a fun treat as we count down to 00:00:00:00.

Welcome to the future of video. Please stay a while.

Today, we’re adding around 3,000 new movie titles for rent available to users in the U.S. (more on this in a post later today) that will be accompanied by reviews and behind-the-scenes movie extras. Whether it’s short movie trailers, funny movie parodies or full-length blockbuster films, we encourage you to sit back and settle in to the YouTube movies experience.

In addition to expanding our movie offerings, we’re also bolstering our investment in the content that’s already being viewed by hundred of millions of people on YouTube.

...we’ll ensure that YouTube remains the best place for the world to see and discover rich talent. So stay tuned—there’s much more to come.

Color code your Google Calendar events

If your calendar ends up full of many different types of events (film nights, lunch dates, and doctor appointments, for example), there’s now an easy way to categorize them using colors.

Chrome Beta Update

Chrome 12.0.742.30 includes a number of new features and updates, including:

Hardware accelerated 3D CSS
New Safe Browsing protection against downloading malicious files
Ability to delete Flash cookies from inside Chrome
Launch Apps by name from the Omnibox
Integrated Sync into new settings pages
Improved screen reader support
New warning when hitting Command-Q on Mac
Removal of Google Gears


Fancier graphics, safer downloads, and more privacy controls

Today’s beta channel release includes a number of additions, as well as one subtraction!

First, we’ve made Chrome’s graphics snazzier. We’ve finished implementing support for hardware-accelerated 3D CSS, which allows web developers to apply slick 3D effects to web page content using CSS.

Second, we’ve taken Safe Browsing a step further. In addition to protecting you against malware and phishing websites, Chrome now warns you before downloading some types of malicious files.

Third, you now have more control over your online privacy. Many websites store information on your computer using forms of local data storage such as Flash Local Shared Objects (LSOs).

Fourth, we’ve improved screen reader support in Chrome. Many people who are blind or visually impaired use a screen reader, a special type of software that describes the contents of the screen using synthesized speech or braille.

Finally, the subtraction: In this beta release, we’ve removed the Google Gears plug-in, as promised on the Google Gears blog in March. We’re excited about the potential of HTML5 to enable powerful web applications, and we hope that Google Gears rests in peace. - Google Docs offline capable? ;)

[OBSOLETE?] New news or no news? Google Docs Offline suit will roll out soon!

Google Docs will get offline support really soon. So you will be able to have a fully featured office-suite on your computer/laptop you can use offline.

Netflix Plug-in for Chrome and Chrome OS is on the Way

A Netflix plugin for Chrome and Chrome OS is ready to be released. This is based on the reports that are coming in over at the Chromium site.

This upcoming Netflix plugin will enable the streaming of movies via HTML5 technology...
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