World Economic Outlook April 2011 - some notes on Portugal

Portugal will be the country with:

- the LOWEST projection of GDP growth for 2012 (-0.5%) and only worse (-1.5%) than Greece (-3%) in 2011. Compare it with Ireland's projection of growth of 0.5% in 2011 and 1.9% in 2012;
- the SECOND WORST Account Balance as percentage of GDP, -8.7% in 2011 and -8.5 in 2012, only behind Cyprus with –8.9 in 2011 and –8.7 in 2012. Compare it with Ireland's projection of 0.2% and 0.6% respectively;
- the SIXTH HIGHEST unemployment rate projection for 2011 with 11.9 and 12.4 in 2012; In the same period is expected that Ireland will decrease its unemployment rate from 14.5% to 13%;

Taken from page 67 of the WEO by IMF.

Important note in page 178:

Portugal: 2010 data are preliminary. For 2011 and beyond, the IMF staff incorporates all the approved fiscal measures (thus excluding the measures proposed in March 2011, which were rejected by Parliament). The fiscal numbers also incorporate the impact of the IMF staff’s macroeconomic projections.

Now, projections of real GDP growth for 2016

- Portugal is projected to have the LOWEST GROWTH with 1.2%, the same as Japan. Compare with Greece's 2.9% and Ireland's 3.4%.

Taken from page 182 of the same document.
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