Where did Print Preview in Google Docs go?

Once again: where did Print Preview in Google Docs go? I don't know...

According to Google's Community Manager @Google Docs Teresa Wu, "it's still there, just go straight to Print!". Hum...Where? She says "preview should be an option in your computer's native print window that pops up"...Still...What pop up? I don't get that!

Curiously, if I click Print nothing happens and if a choose Print Settings without including page numbers, nothing happens either; BUT if you choose to include page numbers, THEN a new tab will open the document's Print Preview. Confused?

But wait, there's more! For a newbie, how intuitive is to Print a pdf file without having any option to do it? It isn't! You will have to right click your document and select "Print".

Google knows better!
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