Ubuntu 11.04 rocks

I started using Ubuntu back in 2007. At that time I was already starting to realize that Microsoft's OS was too slow, unreliable and too demanding. You know, all that anti virus scans, defragmentation, optimization, registry erros check up, were and ARE, even with Windows 7, too time consuming and frustrating.

But, as many others, I had to rely on specific Microsoft Windows compatible software. But now, with emergence of webapps like Google Docs and the refinement of Ubuntu OS, it's alot easier to use Ubuntu exclusively. Unfortunately, I'm not yet on that point because I have some vocational tests software that are only compatible with Windows.

But now, with Ubuntu 11.04 and the Unity desktop, the user experience reached a new level. A positive one. In terms of functionality, design and hardware requirements, Ubuntu rocks when compared to Windows 7 or Apple's OSX Lion. Yes, I truly think that it is alot better than its competitors!

Some aspects of Ubuntu 11.04:
  • it's very FAST and secure;
  • it has an App Store with LOTS of applications ;
  • it's reliable; 
  • it gets better with time;
  • it's BEAUTIFUL (lovely fonts, backgrounds, and themes);
  • has a new and awesome interface - Unity; 
  • it's free, zero euros or dollars.
Want to know more about Unity and Ubuntu 11.04? Visit Ubuntu's website of reference, the holy grail of Ubuntu fans, OMG!Ubuntu!

What are you waiting for?


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