Slideshow feature shows up in Chrome OS File Management

File management in Chrome OS has seen some improvements in the past weeks. As of this moment, it has, for example, a File Shelf and File Previews. Today I noticed something that I haven't seen before. All happened after saving picture from the web.

So, after saving a picture to the File Shelf, I double clicked it in the notification panel and...a Slideshow screen showed up in a new tab! Uouu! This is new! At least for me!

It seems that users will be able to use the Chrome Browser and the Slideshow tab to see their locally saved pictures (saved in a ssd hard disk and maybe in external drives as well).

To try this Slideshow feature, all you have to do is type "chrome://slideshow". It doesn't work in Chrome, just in Chrome OS. I used Hexxeh's ChromiumOS Vanilla Nightly Builds of April 28.

We will probably have more information on this and all the other features of Chrome OS in Google I/O 2011 on May 10-11.
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