Print Preview is back in Google Docs but not in Chrome

Yes, weird but true. Following my post on Where did Print Preview in Google Docs go?, I'm glad to report that it is back again! But wait! Only when using Firefox.

Do you have an explanation for this, Google? Do you want me to rely only on Firefox? Anyone?

UPDATE 25th 04:

1- Chrome supports native printing and Firefox doesn't;
2- Print Preview in Chrome Beta doesn't work at all if you have "print preview" enabled in about:flags; If you disable that option you'll get the usual Windows Print pop up. No print preview available;
3- The same happens in Google Canary if "native print preview" is disabled;
4- Print Preview shows up in Canary if "native print preview" is enabled. The text formatting looks horrible but it works;
5- Still, no Print Preview in Chrome Beta.
6- I need it. :P
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