Improvements in Google Docs: better upload of files

Several improvements were announced today regarding folder upload, documents list integration, and drag-and-drop upload.

Some highlights:

The existing folder structure is preserved on upload which means that folders within folders will also upload and become collections within collections.

When you upload files via the new drop-down menu, a window will pop up in the bottom right of your documents list and show upload progress.

You’ll also be able to drag-and-drop one or more files directly into your documents list to initiate an upload. You can even drop files directly into a collection.


If you hit your storage limit, the upload will return an error and you’ll need to delete files or purchase additional storage for Google Docs for $0.02 per GB per month ($0.25 per GB per year)

This means that you can buy additional storage for Docs and not necessarily for the bundle Gmail, Picasa Web Albums, and Google Docs? That would be great but doesn't look so.

The $0.25 per GB per year are part of the 20 GB for $5.00 per year or the 200 GB for $50.00 per year plans.

All in all, these are good news for those that are now moving their office work to G Docs or thinking doing it. Google keeps preparing the ground for new users to join their cloud platform and providing a swift transition to Chrome OS.
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