Google Documents Features Wishlist

My wish list:

- pagination on document view. It's probably coming soon;
- omission of page number on 1st page;
- insert page numbers without being necessary to print the document;
- insert page numbers in headers and footers;
- table of contents with automatic page numbering (very useful for Thesis and other school work, for example);
- more options to format tables;
- dictionary spelling corrections available through right click;
- keyboard shortcut to hide controls;
- have print preview as an option in the toolbar;
- option to choose font sizes other than just the ones that are available;
- option to change the background color of document's page;
- fix copy and paste (It doesn't seem to work very well, even with the web clipboard extension..Not sure about this one);
- merge the Help sub menus;
- give more emphasis to Template Gallery;
- change the Tools --» Preferences. What the hell is that?! That's weird stuff for most of Docs users!;
- get back the Document styles menu (Got it and next day it was gone);

- fix the confusion between the CTRL-F and Find and Replace

- offline access to Docs. This one is OBVIOUS! :)

That's it for now.

Don't get me wrong, I truly appreciate all the efforts that Google has been putting in Docs development. They just need to address some of these issues to take Docs even further.

And hey, it's free! ;) And it also has one heck of a set of collaboration features! Love it!
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