Using Google Docs in a School

Working as a Psychologist in a school means to be in constant dialogue with students, parents and teachers, both metaphorically and literally. It means to make presentations on the Job Market with 15/16 year old's, sending psychological assessment reports to teachers or getting together with parents to discuss the development of their children. All of this demands great flexibility, not only in terms of your social skills but also in the usage of technology.

I've been using Google Docs more and more because it allows me to have my work (presentations, reports, etc) where I need them. I don't have to take them on a pen disk or take my laptop with me. The school has wifi and computers on every classroom. The docs are "there", at the distance of click, where I need them.

I think Google Docs have a great potential in schools and other large organizations, like universities. Those working environments are based on the same fundamental principles as Google Docs: collaboration/sharing/relating/getting the job done.

Nonetheless, Google Docs still has a long way to go. The sun is just rising. It still has some inconvenient bugs and some features are still missing. But we have to start somewhere!

I hope the Google Docs team continues to improve this awesome piece of software!

I'm not affiliated with Google whatsoever. I just like good technology. :)
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