He lives in a prison, where he is the guard and the prisoner. He changes positions every time he acknowledges his self fragmented identity. “Am I this guy who wants to be caught by the guard or am I the guard who wants to keep the prisoner away, far from my tentacles?

He fails to control the things that he questions, in those zones where black fades into grey, and life gets a foggy colored sky.

We are both prisoners of our selves and guards of your development. We flicker when those two activities touch.

He fails to get a clear picture of what happens in those moments.

He can’t be a prisoner and a guard at the same time, so he will have to cut the bushes that lead his look away from the forest. In needs to look into the forest, to see the trees, the shadows, the trail and his track. He needs to stop the frames that pull him into the agonizing perspective of fragmentation and breed deeply.

He is too many to be stuck with just two semi-individual positions. He needs to expand and to connect. He needs to feel free to change positions, to shut his voice when he wants to speak in a different position.

He needs to listen to all the voices that need to heard and dialogue with the world.

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