Alarm or reality or both

I have to quote this text from Green Blog.

It may be alarming but it touches some crucial points that are critical to the development of societies, to put it in broad terms.

Are we all in the same stage or are there any examples that we should follow and methodologies that you need to copy to solve this problems?

The text in bold reflects my fears. We need really to change, but change comes by changing different layers and perspectives, uniting what we strive to understand, investing in core activities. I’m afraid that the world’s most valued asset – difference – will be it’s guillotine. 


Energy Bulletin has an interesting interview with Michael C. Ruppert, author of “A Presidential Energy Policy: Twenty-five Points Addressing the Siamese Twins of Energy and Money”, about peak oil and the end of cheap oil.

“Peak Oil is not just the end of globalization. I was saying clearly that globalization was dead five years ago. It was obvious. But Peak Oil is potentially the end of the human race and that outcome is perhaps just a few years away unless the human race essentially throws every ideological sacred cow out the window and starts with a fresh piece of paper.

[…]The collapse of industrial civilization within the next five to ten years (perhaps sooner) is inevitable. It is the degree of collapse, what is destroyed in the collapse, how many people will have to die in the collapse, and what will survive the collapse that I and many others are fighting for now. That is what every human being should be concerned about and nothing less. Pursuing options while not rapidly disengaging from the current economic paradigm of infinite growth is the only real issue confronting the entire species. To not do that will be literally to consign unborn generations and those under 40 to death or a living hell.”

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