Status Quo

Some people live behind the curtains of status quo. They find that the comfort given by this smoke fence is irreplaceable. Why? Because it makes the bridge sound like an unachievable empire. Power, ego massages, weak and insufficient honesty. With oneself, with another.

The bridge turns gold to the other, who needs to savagely honor the Great! Oh Mr Dr Eng! Please, listen to me! Make me feel someone under your great throne of power. Let me be around you and seat near you. Talk to you. Cherish you. Close to power.

You may despise him but he or she will love your look and your talk. And no matter what, you will be heard and known by the great power.

Wake up! It’s time for you to look deep into their eyes and dwell into their narratives of power. You will find dead ends and a little bit of egocentric organization. Let it be. Each one of us answers for their feelings and caring for others. Respect isn’t just something you refer to when you need to put yourself on higher grounds. It’s seen through our naked eyes, open hands and warm hearts.

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