Volkswagen becomes world top company {for a day}

..or two..or more. :)

Understanding this flip-flops it’s like finding a needle in an haystack. Or not.

Shares move like leafs in the wind, touching subjective self-fulfilling prophecies softly, leaving room for the value symbolism of power over an – now- powerless other.

Psychology comes out as a figurative artifact that goes right before and after the behaviors to try to show how things make sense as a part of a system of systems.

Volkswagen briefly became the world's biggest company by market value on Tuesday, as short sellers continued to pile into the stock on weekend news Porsche had bought up much of VW's remaining free float.

Porsche said on Sunday it held over 74 per cent of VW, prompting a panic among short sellers who had sold VW shares in the hope of buying them back at lower prices.

Shares in the German car maker hit an intraday high of €1,005.01, valuing the company at €296.06-billion euros ($370.4-billion) based on ordinary stock, more than that of world number one company Exxon Mobil Corp's $343-billion market value at Monday's closing price.

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