Plymouth – The Place to Be in the USA

Tell me why!

Why was Plymouth ranked as the Best Place to Live in America?

Chris Hagen, 7 year resident

“Excellent parks here, bike trails everywhere, I can ride my bike almost anywhere in Plymouth, and it’s just a great place to live. Everything is convenient.”

Diane Gearty, 10 year resident, pictured with grandchild, Casey

“We moved here because we found a gorgeous lot we loved and it’s very close to the freeways and to my job. The parks are great. I’m here with five grandkids and there’s always something close by to do with them.”

Heidi Fokken, 17 year resident

“My husband and I have been here a long time and we love the way the city has grown and matured. I think the city has a lot to offer. Right now I have the grandchildren here with us and we take them to the weekly puppet show and it’s just a wonderful service.

The Fire & Ice Festival in February is just terrific.”

Jared Justesen, 9 year resident, pictured with Meghan, Blake and Brady

“The parks, the lakes, the people…it’s second to none.”

Stacey Speck, 12 year resident

“The summers are wonderful and being in this area we have great access to the lakes, it’s really very nice. Plymouth has a variety of things to do and it is close to the city. But, I still have not gotten used to the winters.”

Theo and Patrice Cox, one year residents

“We really like how the community comes together at the community events, people are really pleasant and there are a lot of activities. The July festival (Music in Plymouth) was great. With five children, the schools are important and we’ve been very pleased with the elementary, middle and senior high schools.”

Tom Ona,6 year resident, pictured with Ethan

“My wife grew up in Plymouth and her parents still live here. We like the bicycle paths a lot and we get out on them to venture into the parks. Everybody is so friendly here and they are easy to get along with, it’s just a great place to live and to raise a family.”

Veena Lokhanve, lived in Plymouth less than a month

“ Plymouth is a nice, green city and very close to downtown Minneapolis. My job is here in Plymouth and the bus system is good. It’s on time and the service is very good.”

Josh and Christina Nolte

“The neighborhoods, there is a real sense of community here. We get together with our neighbors and it provides a relaxing social aspect to our lives. Here in Plymouth we have a lot of fun, it’s a nice area and it has nice wetlands.”

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