It’s all about passion. It’s our many driver of existence, may it be on politics, climate change or on interpersonal relations.

We need someone or something to push our expectations on moral dramatically lives. We want to live life with a higher purpose or path.

We are blind enough to take our passion without thinking about it’s roots and consequences. In the end, we are only animals that pursue the sense of common goals, even if it causes the wrong effect on our hedonistic sense of self.

We talk about climate change as THE problem. It sure is a problem but not will not cause the end of the world. We have time to prevent that long term effect. And it’s easy to be pushed with the stream of misleading information. Therefore, ignorance associates deeply with passion, at least in societal terms. (Nevertheless, ignorance is also a igniter of the birth of Love. Be ignorance the drive to the know feelings of happiness and to the unknown field of deep sharing of lives.) The media tells us that the world is going to change abruptly in the near future and that’s all. We don’t scrutinize the available information and sometimes don’t even mind to give the full picture of the problem. Passion can lead to extremism. And, in theory, is not that different from other kinds of extremist behaviors.

We feel the need to belong to a large blockbuster of dramatic reunion on a common goal. That’s good. The bad part of it is if it leaves behind the rationality, to be simplistic. We need to assert that all the information available is analyzed and that the better solutions are effective on the short, mid and long term.

We have people dying of hunger, malaria, VIH, poor water and sanitation conditions, and we have the technology and the money to solve this issues. But, weird enough, people don’t deeply engage in a common purpose, though they cherish this humanitarian expression of Love through donations. Or, they see it as something that causes pain and is immoral but it’s there “far away from me”. You send them money and our humanity consciousness calms down. But if the symptoms of problems tackle our feet, then we all join together on a single blind purpose. And even is that the solutions of the seductive problem are wrong, we don’t care. You have done your share. You commit emotionally. And anyone that tries to put things in perspective and use our ability of think calmly the benefits and costs of those approaches is called something worse than “the devil”. And why? Simple. It stops, for moments, the stream of passion. And that causes people to put the fish out of the water.

We need apocalyptical monsters and salvation figures or purposes and we lack the wisdom on our analysis. We need to act intelligently so that we won’t simply be the glorified victims of our stupidity. We need to make the WORLD a better place and not just the environment. And the happily part is that you can do it. The saddest is that we seem too blind to do it.

We are living on the shoulder of blind solutions and not taking them in our hands.

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