The sense of community is based upon a shared set of values. There is an antagonism between envy and the care for one another in a community based town or culture. They are inversely proportional, i.e., the larger and profound the community values are, the less people are subsumed to the annihilation of their relation to others. 

Portugal is usually perceived and marketed as a low profile country, where people are friendly and the sense of community is present. In my humble opinion, Portuguese people are stuck between their future projections of wealth and their depressive recognition of a collective failure to succeed. This polarities are particularly obvious when you dwell into people’s relationships dynamics. There is a broad sense of agreement on people’s minds regarding the need to tear the others positive outcomes into little worlds of subjugation and oblivion. The quest if, therefore, condemned to last until people turn to each other, look to each others eyes and see humanity as a protocol of shared ground, a battlefield of blood in our bodies and not in our hands. People would start then to care for the sake of others, of the neighborhood, of their cities and ultimately of their country. You won’t find this in Portugal. We are stuck on separate worlds, where is context is a polyphonic and unarticulated orchestra. There’s a lot of noise and no music.   

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