Where am I?

Imagine that you are applying for a job position. Everything looks great. You are unemployed and tired of that feeling of not being worthy and valued. Ok, life starts to feel promising.

Now, imagine also that the job position was announced and made available by two different recruitment companies and that both only knew that this was happening less than a week before the final interview. You may think "ok, nothing is wrong with that". Wrong!

Imagine that both recruitment companies phoned you and invited you for an interview. Remember, the job position was the same but they didn't know that because they didn't tell you the name of client. They couldn't at that stage of the process.

Ok, hard?

Continuing. Imagine that you're feeling fine for having 2 interviews in the same day, one near the place where you live and the other 140kms far away from there. It's a lovely morning. Everything looks brighter, your smile seems like an exuberant channel of happiness.

First interview. 10h in the morning. It was ok. The recruitment consultant says that you will be phoned later to know if you passed to the final phase (interview with the client). You wait. And the day keeps it's lovely and traceable aurora.

Second interview, another company, 140kms. 17h in the evening. News! You now right after the end of the interview that you were chosen to be in the last phase of the process. Hey, reader, are you thinking that the consultant of the 1st interview phoned him? You're believer! Naaaaa! The consultant that conducted the 2nd interview looks intrigued. Something looks familiar.

Surprise! You tell him that you had an interview for the exactly same position in the morning. Ok, he did noticed that before. He gets frustrated and embarrassed and says that he is sorry and that he didn't know that you had been spotted before by another company.

How would you feel? Like shit, probably. There two ways to think about this:

1- "Oh well, at least I had two chances for the same position!"

2- "What the f*** is this?????? Are these guys nuts? I drove 140kms to come to the same job position interview?????"

Now, imagine that just after you knew that you had been chosen for the final interview, the consultant of the 1st interview says that your interview was appointed for tomorrow. Hum...Two interviews for the same day, at the same time, for the same job position? You think about Darwin, the Galapagos, the turtles, the birds and the monkeys. You feel like a toy on their hands. Just a maggot with a useless brain and will. Yes, the word was "jungle" but that's not appropriate. Jungle has order and established hierarchies.

You go home. You sleep. You wake up. You have an interview. You wake up. You have an interview. You dream.

I scream!

This happened today. No, I didn't have any popcorn.

Welcome to Portugal! :)
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