Indexicality of voice means a turning toward the heard speaker with a
“physiognomic gaze”: recognizing him/her as him/her in this specific time and place,
at this certain position. Voice directs the other to an individual which is to cognize
and recognize. The very possibility of understanding uttered words is related to the positioning of the person.

Voice: A Pathway to Consciousness as “Social Contact to Oneself", by Marie-C├ęcile Bertau

Well, I present myself to you as one that is presenting himself while establishing a common and intelligible ground of mutual coordination with you. This means that I take with me all the things that keep me on this community of speakers, while I stand out that my voice urges to be heard. I voice the unheard factors that are mingled with existence. I say something that pushes your understanding of my voice to a solid ground of recognition. You cognize while recognizing me. And I say I, here, there and nowhere. And even a misinterpretation links our gestures and puts our coordinates meaningfully.
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