A poor man dwells upon his humble insignificance just in front of the eyes of others. They look at him, scratch their heads, look into the floor and think about the lie that surrounds a truth. No worries. It's not my poverty, they think. I need to buy a ticket to go see my dead grandmother. She died today and I have no money left to go see her. My boss fired me yesterday. And what do I have to do with that, sir? I will just create a lie on a glimpse. Wait a second...Done. Here you go: I don't have money because...I..Hum...You're lying and you're poor. You are dirty and you have no teeth. Why would I give money for your lie? Stick to my truth, dear sir! I'm not a lier. Maybe a janitor of lies, but not a lier. Oh well, I'll buy your lie, your highness! I will take this crown of harshness and look at it everyday. Oh, I'm so happy!
And he went and never came back. Came with a lie, gone a lie, but an acceptable one.

Irony included. This works out of the box. Unfortunately. A dead end.
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