Existence of...You...?

In each and everyone of us lays an uncertainty about ourselves. Who are we? Who are you? Who am I? We struggle for answers and our questions are in itself, the answers. The polyphonic aspect of our existence as shared existence is a paramount characteristic of being. We never know who we are in a certain moment: we are, we fluidly live in the stream of consciousness. Our life as no end and no beginning. We exist in being something that doesn't recognize itself on a mirror, but instead on a tumultuous creation of meaningfulness. We deal with reality with our framework of it. It's just like being at the same time the TV and the TV show.
Although we have an never ending perception of our existence, we assume the magnitude of the circumspection aspect of the life of others. That's why we suffer so much with the loss of another. We can't and we mustn't look others as infinite beings. Why? Because that would destroy our center-other relationship. We would navigate in a sea of unintelligibility because we would have to deal seriously with the uncertainty of uncertainties: being lost on the spectrum of relations.

There isn't existence for ourselves. We exist fluidly on our efforts of co-being in our shared reality. Albeit, others have an existence. They are narrowed in their subjectivity to fit our limited capability of apprehend the others participation in our shared worlds.
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