Existence- we will never die; we have never been born

We consider reality as the simultaneously and different reaction and positioning of ourselves with Others. This is true because my inner dialogue is chatting with you: an Other, myself and us. I assume that I am addressing the World and that I am constrained by the communicational system that sustains me. I also assume that my utterances are modeled by the dialogue that I am. Thus, any particular performance of existence is a shared and simultaneous dialogued with an Other.
Therefore, have I ever really been born? Will I ever die? No.
I never felt birth or existed consciously through it. People told me that I was born, but I never addressed it. I never dialogued with it. I never was what people told me that I was. I am now. I was then, but not to me.
I'll never feel death, because it's effects will not be considered by me. Only the Other feels my death, and dialogues with me, thus creating an act that keeps me alive. But not myself. A me that flies on their dialogues with Others and with themselves. I'll not respond, even though my voice will be heard on their dialogues.
I have never been born and I will never die. That's why I can write this creepy weird things: because I imagine the dialogue between that non-existence on existence and my own existence on this world of co-being.
I reassure you that you will not die either. We are dialogically eternal.
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