To be anti something means to be anti everything, since the polarity of analysis creates two dead ends where everything is collapsed in little pieces of reality. It's like a fragmented reality that focus it's main core on the layers of deviance, uncertainty, prejudice, stigma, ignorance and the need for self preservation.

When we say that we're anti X, we mean that we repudiate X, although it is a balanced aspect view of Y. So, when erasing X, we erase the total comprehension of Y and ourselves.

Being anti islamics or anti-americans generates darkness on their fundamental and righteous rights and contributions to the world. It fulfils a picture with a blurred ink; it separates what cannot be unrelated.

But, what about being anti something specific like attacking human rights on Somalia? Is it beneficial to be anti this? Does it generates action for the anti to be transformed in pro human rights?

So, anti something gets pro, in fact, a minuscule loneliness of pride. Thus, being anti americans means to say things wrongly, because an anti speech person seeks that that object of anti turns a pro "my view". And turning the world on black and white doesn't solve this. What anti means is that "we are fed up with you. We would like you to behave like us, or to respects us as we want to be respected. If you change behaviours we will dissolve our anti thoughts on your respectful understanding of ourselves."

An anti something has always a deep motivation and a hurt pride. To respond with anti you that are anti me is to block the bridge that unit us: dialogue and share of the other's positions.
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