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Dear sirs,

My name is XYZ and I am a Portuguese owner of a Toshiba A200-17Z laptop (serial number 57154848k). Since I prefer Linux, I have been using Ubuntu for some time now. But now I got to this point where I want to make a bios update and Toshiba doesn't provide it. I have contacted the Portuguese Toshiba Technical Support and I got as an answer the suggestion to ask Canonical for the bios update. This was written by Mr X of the technical support at Toshiba Portugal. Well, but if I bought a Toshiba laptop why do I have to ask a BIOS UPDATE to Canonical???? Taking this point of view, consider this parallel: imagine that I bought a Toshiba laptop and it had Ubuntu. Toshiba provided only bios update for Ubuntu. Imagine now that I wanted to install a Windows OS..Would I be invited to ask Microsoft for a Toshiba bios update? Does this make any sense??? To me and several other friends it makes none! But worse than that is that it was said by someone from Toshiba. When I bought a Toshiba laptop I was thinking on a top company with great services. Now I see that my expectations were not fulfilled. I'm very disappointed with this situation and I will consider strongly the hypothesis of not buying a Toshiba laptop again. So, my suggestion is to make available a Linux version of Toshiba's laptops bios update, as well as other important drivers updates. In my opinion, it's not to much to ask.
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